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Overseas container shipping to Russia from Australia

We provide affordable international container shipping from Australia to Russia.

The first thing expatriates need to know about returning to Russia is that import duties will be taxed at 100% of goods value, do not under declare cargo values to avoid re-assessment of higher duties. Another important thing to keep in mind is that your shipment can also be assessed by weight, this means you might need to pay per kg shipped.

A comprehensive packing list is needed to process your shipment at destination in a timely manner, poorly compiled packing lists will only cause complications and delays with Russian customs which can cause extra container hire charges. We can help you plan your move correctly to avoid any surprises with your relocation.

Speak to your Russian consulate in Australia to be informed of what documentation you need to arrange prior to relocating.

We help first time movers and returning citizens relocate to Russia affordably, efficiently and expertly, saving you time and money.

Both self pack and professionally packed container shipping options are available.

For self pack options we can place the container at your place of residence up to 7 days for loading purposes as long as there is adequate site access for container placement.

Self packing and loading can save you thousands of dollars.

We have a reliable team of agents in Russia to organise import customs clearances and delivery of the container to your door.

We implore you to give us a call and speak to us, not only inform you of the process but also tailor the quotation to your specific needs and help answer any questions you might have in relation to the move.

Depending on your situation, you may not want to ship a complete household contents, in which case we can offer a shared container services option which is charged per cubic meter (m3) and can be cost effective from 1m3-10m3.

Average sailing time to Russia is around 53 days and sailings are weekly.

Whether you are moving overseas to Russia with personal effects or shipping commercial cargoes, we can assist you with any of your shipping needs.

Our friendly staff can assist you with all your shipping related questions and you will be connected straight away to a real human, no waiting times, call us today on (02)9575-7614.

Affordable shipping services to Russia, with local Russian agents for customs clearances



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