Shipping and Moving to France from Australia

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Shipping container to France from Australia

We provide affordable international shipping from Australia to France.

Shipping to Paris, Lyons, Marseille, Fos, Nice, and most inland destinations.

Together with our agents in France, we are able to offer competitive and affordable Door to Door relocations from Australia to France with 20FT, 40FT containers and also shared container services.

Weekly Shared Container Shipping

Many companies offering shared container services hold your goods at their warehouse until they accumulate enough cargo to ship a full container, we offer weekly shared container services and do not wait to ship your goods!

We arrange export and import customs clearances, packing, loading and tracking to make your move as stress free as possible. Self pack moves are also available and can save you many thousands of dollars if you are willing to do this yourself.

What is the average transit time for shipping to France?

The average transit time to France is around 42 days and we offer weekly sailing services.

For customers who only have excess baggage or a couple of boxes to send we can assist with excellent airfreight rates which are charged per kg. If you have any boxes or luggage to send to France send us a quick email with the dimensions and weights to and we will respond to you ASAP.

French customs requires your shipment to be accompanied by a comprehensive packing list and declaring all the items you will be importing.

It is important to obtain a change of residence certificate from the consulate at origin as proof of living outside of France for more than 12 months so you can claim tax relief on your goods.

Expatriates who intend to live in France for a period of time may import 1 motor vehicle duty free accompanying their personal effects.

Do not ship any paints, cleaning solvents, counterfeit goods, plants, ivory, animal furs or skins, meats, pornographic materials, explosives and guns.

Whether you are moving overseas with personal effects or shipping commercial cargoes, we can assist you with any of your shipping needs.

Our friendly staff can assist you with all your shipping related questions, give us a call today on (02)9575-7614.

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