Shipping to Denmark from Australia

Shipping Container to Denmark | Moving to Denmark

Shipping containers and moving overseas to Denmark

Shipping overseas to Denmark from Australia made easy with professionals you can rely on to get your goods safely and affordably to your door.

Shipping overseas to Denmark from Australia can be difficult.

Moving Your World has the right people and approach to minimise the stress of moving while tailoring the shipping quotation to your specific needs.

We offer the most affordable international container shipping rates with a no compromise quality of service.

If you are planning to move your personal belongings and/or your motor vehicle to Denmark we can offer 20FT and 40FT container shipping services with self pack or professionally packed shipping options.

Yes we also cater to smaller moves with both LCL and airfreight services for sending boxes or excess baggage to Norway.

20FT and 40FT containers (FCL) are handled less than other options and your goods are therefore less liable to be damaged during transit.

LCL (shared container services) are a great way to ship 1m3 – 10m3 without paying the price of a full 20FT container. LCL is charged per cubic meter and an affordable method for shipping items that are too large for postal services but not large enough quantities to warrant a full 20FT container.

Door to Door and Depot to Depot shipping options available.

Avoid penalties and storage fees by planning ahead for the receiving party to be in the country and available at the time of import. Completing all paperwork ahead of time ensures smooth processing and allows for any mistakes to be rectified before the shipment arrives.

Repatriates may import household goods free of taxes if they have owned and used the goods for more than 12 months and have lived outside of Denmark for more than 12 months. Importer must be in Denmark during shipment arrival.

Used vehicles may be imported tax free together with your personal belongings but will be subject to high registration tax. The used vehicle must have been in your possession for at least 6 months and cannot be sold or lent for the first 12 months after importation.

Vehicles imported will also need to undergo a technical exam prior to registration, the owner must register the vehicle within 2 weeks after cargo is imported customs cleared.

Check with us if you are planning to ship a motor vehicle to Denmark from Australia.

We have depots in Australia and Denmark to handle delivery, pickup and storage, if required. We have depots in Aarhus, Copenhagen, Esbjerg, Kolding, Odense, Soendenborg.

Shipping to Copenhagen? We have extremely low rates for this destination!

Our friendly professionals can assist you with all your shipping related questions.

With agents in Denmark to clear and move your cargo to the door.



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