Shipping to Austria from Australia

Shipping Container to Austria | Moving to Austria

Shipping Container to Austria from Australia

We offer shipping services to Bregenz, Graz, Innsbruck, Linz, Salzburg, Vienna and to the door service for most of Austria!

Are you planning to move to Austria?

We can provide self pack and professionally packed shipping options to move your household goods and/or motor vehicle in a 20FT or 40FT shipping container from your door in Australia to your door in Austria.

If you have owned and used the goods for more than 6 months, and are planning to move back to Austria after being outside of the country for more than 12 months, you can import your goods tax free. The household goods need to be imported within 12 months after your arrival to be eligible for tax free import.

Required documents for tax free import:

  • Passport photo page
  • Bill of Lading (provided to you once the goods are shipped)
  • Comprehensive inventory list in either German or English, dated and signed by you
  • Power of attorney for the destination agent to complete import customs clearance on your behalf
  • Entry certificate obtained from the local police station
  • Residence permit (Meldezette) to be completed within 3 days of arrival
  • Certificate of change of residence
  • Letter from Austrian consulate or employer attesting that you have lived outside of Austria for a period of more than 12 months

If you are planning on importing a motor vehicle, it is exempt from import tax if you have owned and used it abroad for more than 6 months. It cannot be sold or transferred within 1 year of importation. Imported motor vehicle must meet Austrian specifications.

A NOVA tax will need to be paid at the time of registration.

When shipping a 20FT or 40FT container to Austria you are paying a fixed price and can fill up as much as the container as you wish, the contents are not double handled during sailing such as in a shared container service.

Have only some boxes or suitcases to send to Austria?

We can provide an airfreight service charged per kg, to obtain a quote for an airfreight shipment simply send us the dimensions and weight for each box you plan to send to

If you are considering moving to Austria speak to one of our friendly professionals to assist you with all your shipping related questions, call us on (02)9575-7614.

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Moving to Austria from Australia



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