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FCL 20ft & 40ft Containers

Sending or Shipping Boxes to the UK from Australia

Shipping boxes to the United Kingdom

We provide affordable international shipping from all port/destinations in Australia.

The minimal shipping charge when goods are shipped in a shared container service is 1m3 (cubic meter) which corresponds to 10 tea-chest size boxes, 20 books boxes, or the equivalent.

The best shipping option for sending up to 12m3 is to use our shared container services.

Moving Your World will provide you with the best shipping prices, regular, weekly shipping services, and to the door or to the depot delivery services, in a timely and secure manner.

We have depots in: Aberdeen, Birmingham, Bradford, Bristol, Chadderton, Derbyshire, Dundee, Edinburgh, Felixstowe, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Middlesborough, Newcastle, Oxford, Southampton, South Shields, Stockport, Thames Port and Tilbury, however we can also deliver your goods to the door in almost any town/city in the United Kingdom.

We are praised for our friendly, professional and honest customer service.

We will provide you with our quotation in most cases within 24hours after receiving your request.

Our quotation has a breakdown of all standard shipping charges, including destination charges.

As there are no hidden charges, there will be no unpleasant surprises once your goods arrive to the destination.

Upon the acceptance of our quotation, we will email you a couple of documents to be completed for a booking.

Once we receive the completed documents from you, we will email you the booking confirmation and a label for your packages.

We will also arrange cargo collection, should this be requested by you, or, alternatively, you can drop off the goods to our exporting depot without charge.

Your goods will be measured at the receiving depot, and we will send you the cargo measurements together with our invoice, which corresponds to the cargo measurements.

Unlike some other companies, we do not charge you extra than the measured cargo volume. For example, if your cargo ends up at 4.68m3 we charge you exactly for 4.68m3.

In case you need to ship only a couple of boxes, the best option is our depot/door to airport/door airfreight service, for which we provide excellent pricing, and full tracking.

Affordable shipping to the UK per cubic metre (m3)



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