Moving Your World

FCL 20ft & 40ft Containers

We provide affordable international shipping from all port/destinations in Australia.

Moving Your World will provide you with the best shipping prices and regular, weekly shipping services from Australia to China. We service from all major Australian ports for both personal effects and commercial cargoes.
We provide to the door delivery services and also to any one of our 48 depots in China, in a timely and secure manner.

The minimal shipping charge when using our shared container services is 1m3 (cubic metre). 1m3 is equivalent to 10 tea-chest size boxes of the approximate dimensions 40cm x 40cm x 60cm each.
Cargoes up to 12m3 is affordable to ship with our shared container services option.

For smaller consignments consisting of a couple of boxes, we recommend you to send these via our very affordable air-freight service to any major airport in China, or we can also deliver your goods to the door.

If you have a large consignment to ship, such as a 2-3 bedroom household contents, we can provide you with 20FT and 40FT container shipping services.

Our highly professional customer service team will provide you with a friendly and honest quotation, with a complete breakdown of the charges, including destination charges so there are no hidden fees.

We offer Depot to Depot, Door to Depot and Door to Door shipping solutions to China from anywhere in Australia.
If you are able to deliver the boxes to the port and collect on the destination side, you can save money on pickup & delivery.

Once your goods are received at the exporting depot, we will measure each package and send you the cargo measurements together with our invoice. Unlike some other companies we charge you only for the volume used.

Our destination agents in China will arrange import requirements, so there are no delays in processing your import clearance.

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Affordable shipping rates to China per cubic metre (m3)


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