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Shipping Boxes to Austria

Shipping boxes to Austria with ease and peace of mind

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Sea Freight Services (LCL) to Austria from Australia

The minimal shipping volume when sending the goods in our shared container services (LCL) is 1m3/cubic metre which can be made up of different combinations, see some of our most common examples below:

10 standard moving cartons (tea-chest size), is the most common type of box for shipping miscellaneous personal effects such as clothing, linen, children’s toys, pots, pans etc these boxes are 43cm x 41cm x 60cm each [L x W x H].

20 book box cartons (half tea-chest size) are as the name suggests half the height of a tea-chest size carton  and are more suited for heavier density items such as books, or, fragiles such as dinnerware’s, these boxes are 43cm x 41cm x 30cm [L x W x H].

1m3 or larger shipping crate/s are the safest way to ship your goods to Austria, they provide superior protection for the inner cargo and can either be made of engineered wood such as plywood, or, natural timbers in which case they require the appropriate heat treatment to be suitable for export/import purposes (ISPM15 equivalent).

We can freight up to the main depot in Graz, Innsbruck, Linz, Salzburg and Vienn, alternatively we can also deliver your goods to the door in almost any town/city in Austria.

We pride ourselves on impeccable customer service; you will be provided with the breakdown of all standard shipping charges at the time of quotation, inclusive of destination associated shipping charges such as port, warehouse & handling charges, and, in most instances we also offer import customs clearance services at the destination.

As there are no hidden charges, there will be no unpleasant surprises once your goods arrive to the destination.

Note: Taxes/Duties are not part of the standard associated shipping charges, generally used personal effects are exempt of import taxes if the importer is able to prove their eligibility, for tax free import into Austria the used personal effects need to have been owned and used for at least 6 months, and, the importer must have resided outside of Austria for at least 12 months. See this page for document requirements associated with duty free clearance

Air Freight Services to Austria from Australia

We also provide airfreight services generally charged per kg, or, by volume if the goods are bulky.

To obtain a quote for an LCL or airfreight service simply send us the dimensions, quantities and weights for each package to