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There are a lot of air freight services in Australia but you wont forget the experience if you use our air freight service at Moving Your World, easy, comfortable.

Moving Your World offers low affordable rates for sending boxes overseas, shipped by air or sea, from Australia in a safe, secure and economical way.

Often, you may exceed the maximum amount of free baggage allowance given by the airline you are travelling with, which will incur additional charges.

As excess baggage charges vary depending on the airline you are flying with, the destination you are travelling to and the ticket class you hold, we recommend checking with us for better rates.

We can arrange collection of your excess baggage, from your office, home, or alternatively, you may deliver it yourself to our exporting depot located conveniently close to the port to save on pickup charges.

When you call us, your call is immediately connected and answered by a real human, no annoying machines to keep you on hold.

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Air-freight services are known for their speed and efficiency.

When time is of the essence, air freight is often the preferred choice for businesses that need to transport goods quickly.

This is particularly true for perishable items, such as fresh produce or pharmaceuticals, which require rapid delivery to maintain their quality and effectiveness.

Additionally, air freight is less susceptible to delays caused by weather or geopolitical events, as planes can often be rerouted more easily than ships, however, air freight comes with a higher price tag compared to sea freight.

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With transit times often measured in days rather than weeks, this can be a significant advantage for businesses that require rapid delivery of their goods or have tight deadlines to meet, air freight is also considered to be more secure due to the stringent security protocols at airports and the shorter transit times.

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Air Freight Cost

The cost of transporting goods by air is generally more expensive due to factors such as fuel consumption, airport fees, and the need for specialised equipment and handling.

Furthermore, air freight has limitations when it comes to the size and weight of cargo that can be transported. 

Large, heavy, or bulky items may not be suitable for air transport, or may incur additional costs due to the need for specialized aircraft or handling equipment.

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